What is the most important thing
we’ve built in 60+ years?
We offer solutions in flooring, walls, ceilings,
roofing systems, access flooring, floor care, and much more.
But how we do what we do is most important.
We Do What’s Right

By Our Employees

In 1994, we gave ownership of Bonitz to our employees. Bonitz is a business built by good people doing good work. Employee ownership means we’re all invested in constantly improving.


By Our Clients

We build relationships with our clients. We want to help you solve your problems and grow.

How We Do What’s Right


We share research and ideas across our network of offices, so your local Bonitz team is supported by combined decades of national and international experience.

Financial Strength

We invest our profits into the growth of the company, so each of our offices can provide local, personalized service with the backing of unlimited bonding capacity (provided by CNA Surety Corporation).


Our #1 objective is to have all associates go home safely every night. Instead of a safety police team, our entire team is responsible for safety.


In 1954, George William (Bill) Rogers and Thomas C. Meredith partnered to form Bonitz Insulation Company of South Carolina. At that time, the focus was acoustical and thermal insulation. Rogers and Meredith began building the business into a nationally recognized leader in the construction industry. Bonitz quickly expanded beyond insulation, and now offers a wide variety of services across the US and internationally.

Few companies in the construction industry reach the 50-year milestone. Many that have survived have been sold or changed names. Bonitz has been forging a path for over 60 years and we’re still growing.