Safety Is No Accident

At Bonitz, we want every associate to safely return home to his or her family every day. Safety is not only the key to quality work, but also an integral part of caring for and protecting each other as a team.

By combining a culture of safety with a detailed program, we keep the worksite safe for everyone. You can trust your job with Bonitz.

Good Isn’t Good Enough

Safety has always been a high priority at Bonitz. Even one accident is too many, so we recently re-evaluated our program. Our designated safety team was taking responsibility for safety and safety education, but that wasn’t enough.

Our entire team came together to overhaul our safety program and get on track for a zero accidents goal.

“The Bonitz crew did their job in an outstanding manner and kept me fully informed of what was going on daily. There was never any moment I felt uncomfortable with their working abilities and habits. They maintained their work area and were extremely cautious regarding safety.”


Commanding Officer,
Navy Operational Support Center,
Columbia, SC

Our enhanced safety program launched under this slogan, which emphasizes 2 major values:


Life is precious.


We each have a responsibility to be safe and keep others safe.

Some of the new safety initiatives include:

  • Individual responsibility for safety, supported by Risk Management and held accountable by leadership
  • Safety Steering teams at each location
  • Local weekly inspections
  • Disciplinary Action Plan
  • New hire orientation that is safety-focused

Safety helps us complete your projects on-time and on-budget. Each of our associates is dedicated to keeping our worksites safe for everyone.

“Even though the project was quite challenging, the Bonitz project team never compromised safety in order to meet production goals. They always did the right thing, and they visited the site several times to provide training and evaluation for on-site safety. I would like to commend Bonitz for their support and commitment to ensure workers go home safely to their families each night.”


Safety Manager,
LeChase Construction