The offices for Spectrum Brands represent an Integrated Workplace Strategy. Each floor has private offices, workstations, conference rooms, and assorted laboratory spaces where research is conducted. The goal was to create an environment that is adaptive to change, supportive of the way employees work, and a reflection of this global company that creates superior value products.

Bonitz worked closely with FarringtonDesignGroup, CG Schmidt, and Lerdahl Business Interiors to develop the design and details of the modular wall system. The project was planned and constructed over a two year period and will house over 625 employees and four floors of research laboratories.

This was a fast paced project that started the shop drawing submittal process in March; DIRTT Power and Networks product was on site and installed above ceiling in April; DIRTT Wall product was ordered mid June, and began arriving on site early July. Over 6,200 lineal feet of walls were installed and punch list completed by September.

Bonitz won the contract based on the ability to perform on large projects, experience with DIRTT, commitment to manufacturing lead time, and detailed installation schedule. Bonitz met every deadline on this very fast schedule.

DIRTT Environmental Solutions (Doing It Right This Time) pre-engineered interior wall system is environmentally sustainable, flexible, unique, and highly productive. To create a fully agile space, Power and Networks integrate directly into the Walls. This provides control over the part of the office that changes the most, without the need to bring in trades or dispose of wire and cables every time there is a move, add or change. The ability to adapt quickly is a powerful business tactic for Spectrum Brands.