We offer a number of solutions for
highly technical environments.

As a leading supplier and installer of access floors, our team can assist you with design, specifications, installation, retrofit, repair, and maintenance for both new construction and renovation.

Bonitz access floors are particularly well suited for data centers, computer rooms and control rooms. We offer low profile systems for training and classrooms as well as low leakage systems for UFAD office buildings.


Bonitz containment solutions can also reduce or eliminate hot spots normally found in traditional uncontained data centers as well as concentrating power density and concentrate power enhancing the energy efficiency.

We supply and install proven energy-efficient air containment solutions for both new and existing data centers beyond current cooling approaches. Bonitz’ hot-air and cold-air containment can improve the uniformity, predictability and efficiency for supply and demand matrixes.

Our cold aisle containment solutions are used in conjunction with our raised flooring systems in existing facilities; our hot aisle containment systems can be provided without the use raised flooring.

Our products are:

Cost Effective


Easy to Install

Energy Saving


Our Control Solutions division specializes in constructing and provisioning Control/Monitoring environments and adjacencies. Our solutions offer secure, highly functional, flexible, and comfortable environments where operators can run and monitor processes more precisely and effectively.

Benefits of a Bonitz Control Solution:

  • Compliance
  • Efficiency
  • Lower life-cycle costs
  • Operator health & safety
  • Less system failure

Many companies can update your furniture or redesign your room. But the root problems often begin with construction and furnishings not built for intensive use facilities, which receive many times the normal wear and tear of office or laboratory applications over the same time frame.

Bonitz’ uniquely comprehensive process leverages the experience of our diverse team to create an environment that addresses the root of your problems, not just the surface.


Many details affect optimal operator and system performance. We can help you consider them all.

proper temperature | air-flow | acoustics | lighting | viewing angles and distance | range of personnel | heat evacuation | sufficient power and technology | appropriate number and size of visual displays and controls | visual display interaction during normal and abnormal situations | rest and recovery area/kitchen placement & design | fatigue management | repetitive stress injuries | sight-lines | workflow patterns | operator interaction | ventilation | information display


When the project is complete, we offer assistance in maintaining the appearance of your investment and detailed training on the new equipment.


Use our consultative services, construction expertise, and partnerships with professional design firms to select the right products and workspace design. We offer a range of customized packages and finishes, all intended to extend the lifecycle of the space and reduce the cost of ownership.


Our budget development service and specification assistance can save time and eliminate scope creep and finger pointing associated with multiple vendors and contracts.