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Bonitz Charlotte Celebrates Safe Quarter

Dec 20, 2018 -- Posted by : kate

Bonitz in Charlotte held its quarterly safety meeting on November 30th to review and discuss the success in recent months.  Associates, senior leaders, and project managers joined one another for breakfast to recognize the efforts that have kept the Bonitz family safe.  Senior Vice President, Dan Tilley, emphasized the importance of remaining diligent to safety efforts even in the wake of current success, stating that above all, “we always need to keep each other safe.”

This quarter’s safety successes were celebrated through various awards and recognition.  Rick Schoolman presented the Turner Outstanding Subcontractor Performance Award to the team tasked with the CDIA Airport Expansion.  This team, pictured below, worked closely together for 6 months to complete over 14,000 hours without a single incident. This is an achievement to be celebrated given the logistical and safety challenges associated with a project of this caliber.

Team presented with Turner Award






In addition to the Turner Outstanding Subcontractor Performance Award, Greg LeClaire presented Ron Thorne the award for Employee of the Quarter, as pictured below.


Bonitz will continue to uphold the importance of safety, which is a fundamental element of their culture.  The Bonitz team looks forward to the upcoming quarter with safety at the forefront of all operations.





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