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As an organization, Bonitz has a very rich history, and we have a very special story that we can share based on what has been accomplished in our 65 years. Together we are striving to take this great company to even greater heights. It all begins with the Culture we have created together and the ongoing journey towards a unifying Vision, a Common Purpose, Above the Line Core Values, and the Company Mission.

Our vision as a company—our Purpose, Core Values, and Mission—will stay constant as we move into the future, becoming our roadmap to longterm success, guiding our everyday decisions, and giving us direction to what we will become. The vision that has been created should guide every decision we make daily, which will allow us to become the best version of Bonitz that we can become, allowing us to best serve our associates, their families, and our customers.

–Pete Larmore, President and CEO


Positively impacting and enhancing the lives of a continuously growing Bonitz Family to include our associates, their families, and our customers, in a unique, profitable, and fun working environment.


  1. Life Balance
  2. Do the Right Thing
  3. Urgency is Essential
  4. Extreme Ownership
  5. Passion to Win
  6. Power of the Team



To provide the best in the world project consulting and project management and craftmanship…while providing superior service and differentiating ourselves with practical solutions.

Our unified company culture

Project Consulting and Management for Commercial Spaces

We're on a journey. 

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