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Commercial building solutions

Strategic Partners

Building Solutions creates a synergy of all Bonitz’s competencies to better serve our end user customers and complement our General Contractor partners. Our expert team offers business owners a variety of solutions, including:

  1. Complete interior office upfits
  2. Cleanroom installation
  3. Commercial & industrial building maintenance
  4. Specialty exterior

Whether you need a quick repair or full upfit, we can help!



The In-House Difference

Our in-house team performs much of the work, contracting out small technical potions. You gain a lot by working with our team:

  1. One point of contact (for better scheduling & communication)
  2. Higher quality workmanship
  3. Professional appearance
  4. More focus on safety & attention to detail

Our team is experienced and gains wisdom from a company with 60+ years in business. You should see the results of that wisdom in streamlined project management and unparalleled attention to quality.


Construction + Design

A unique advantage of our combined team is the collective understanding of design. You can take advantage of our consultants and design resources to assist you in preconstruction planning and product selection.




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Project Consulting and Management for Commercial Spaces

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