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What is your priority? Is it visual, acoustical, or an environmental challenge? From design to completion, you can depend on Bonitz to work with you through design, feasibility, and budgeting.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of spaces, including corporate, labs, retail, religious, industrial, and even areas with special environmental conditions. Whatever your need, we’re up for the challenge! Invite Bonitz to help turn an idea into reality.

Commercial, corporate ceilings




What do you need?

These quality materials and their suspension systems are designed for various fire, sound control, and seismic restraints.

  1. Mineral fiber
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Metal
  4. Wood
  5. Sound baffles, diffusers, deflectors
  6. Pre-made custom acoustical panels

The options can be overwhelming if you’re not certain which product will best meet your needs. Your solution is sure to be found in one of the products offered by our strategic partners. As an independent company, we can offer unbiased advice on your options.


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